Conceived of in 2022, Studio Afuera

The concept was inspired by 3 old friends who are proud to come from completely different cultures. With a beautiful mixture of Latin, Arab and Greek influence, Studio Afuera’s cultural journey of exploration began..

With the founders residing in countries outside of their birth heritage, the name “Afuera” meaning “outside” in Spanish felt so fitting – almost a celebration of those living abroad or outside of their home towns.

Afuera aims to showcase, educate and empower those wishing to learn about other cultures, through the medium of design. We take influence from Music, Food, Arts and Clothing to create heritage inspired pieces.

The first group of collections are inspired by the vibrant Peruvian culture as witnessed in the wonderful crowded markets of Lima and throughout Peru. Whether it’s the aromas, the chromaticity, the majestic euphony, or the cuisine, these markets create a sensory overload, that we have translated into our pieces.

We encourage nostalgia through the lens of collections that tell urban and rural narratives.

Every piece will tell a story. Every piece will teach us something. Every piece will bring us closer to home…