A nod to the Arizona of the past, Studio AFUERA featuring private art studios in Scottsdale, Arizona is located in the historic artists’ enclave of Cattletrack Road. Located off Lincoln Drive, and situated on a large rambling piece of native desert in the middle of bustling Scottsdale, AFUERA offers a charming retreat from the buzz of the city. Cactus dot the landscape. Nestled beneath the sheltering mesquites, and surrounded by agave, sage, and creosote with a stunning view of the sacred Camelback Mountain, the studios invite closer inspection.

A family affair, Studio AFUERA encompasses three studios. Internationally known ceramic artist Nicholas Bernard creates his acclaimed works in the first of the studios. Linda Margaret Kilgore is a contemporary sculptor/painter and installation artist and also the Curator of the Sanctuary Resort’s Artist in Residence Program. Daughter Rosa Kilgore is a jewelry artist whose unique jewelry works are found in galleries and boutiques nationally.

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Nicholas Bernard hand built his studio in 1989 and has been creating, showing and selling world class pots under its roof ever since. His original, colorful, and elegant work is often seen featured in Ceramics Monthly, Art and Antiques, Luxe Magazine, and in homes in Architectural Digest, among others. His works are sold in galleries throughout the United States and abroad. In addition to having an open studio during the cooler months, Nick frequently invites guests to his kiln openings, where he unveils previously unseen work which is still warm from the firing. Find more at


Drawing deeper into the property, past the fire pit and sculpture garden to romantic western spaces with a lingering aura of the previous occupants, the horses, the former stable beckons. A large embracing mesquite tree lines the cave like entrance surrounded by surprising hot pink and ochre exterior walls. Lizards run through and hummingbirds hover. The sound of quail scratching on the metal roof fills the air. A hawk soars overhead and occasionally at night, during evening events the sound of coyotes howling can be heard.

A nomadic Phoenix sculptor crafts eclectic pieces of steel art that reflect her love of nature. LUXE MAGAZINE

For some years the work of Linda Margaret Kilgore has been primarily steel sculpture, painting, and installation work. Her interest in materials has been a continuing theme and ranges widely from cast and mild steel to flower petals and meteorite dust. Her canvases have a moody sensuality with unexpected textures and natural elements. Most recently on a pilgrimage to the Languedoc region in the south of France, Linda sourced several local ochres and other pigments to work with. See more at

Alternately, the ringing sound of metal against metal can be heard throughout the space, which is clad in raw zinc and corrugated steel, as jewelry artist Rosa Kilgore hammers out her signature textures into sterling silver. Known for her hand cast sterling silver and ancient bronze, combined with freshwater pearls, pyrite and other semi-precious stones, Rosa continues to move forward by integrating new materials and new designs. As well as being available nationally, Rosa’s work can be found locally at Sanctuary Resort’s Spa Boutique, Phoenix Art Museum’s Gift Store, Saddlebags, and Brady Gray, or online at